[cr-india] "Community Radio 'Himgiri Ki Awaaz' still awaits WPC license"

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'Himgiri ki Awaaz' is one among 43 GOPA holders waiting endlessly for their
Wireless Operating Licence (WOL), something that should take no more than
one month under normal circumstances. However, with WPC, circumstances are
seldom normal.
The Kanpur CR station, *Waqt ki Awaz, *has been waiting two years for their
WOL. And paying Rs.19,200 per year for the privilege of possessing a piece
of paper that assures them they are the proud lessees of an FM frequency
that they cannot -- unless they want a three year sabbatical in Kanpur
Central Jail --  use.

Of the remaining 237 Letters of Intent holders, I assume at least half have
received their Frequency Allocation. So that's about 160 LoI and GOPA
holders paying Rs.19,200 per year, or Rs.31 lakhs in all, as spectrum *hafta
*to the GoI. That's not even sufficient to renovate two
the Planning Commission; they really need to allocate more


Community Radio 'Himgiri Ki Awaaz' still awaits WPC
RadioandMusic.com | 21 Jun 13

MUMBAI: Himgiri Ki Awaaz has still not reached the community of Dehradun as
it awaits the license of Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC), a wing
of Ministry of Communication who has not allotted them their frequency.

‘Himgiri Ki Awaaz’ once aired will be broadcasted from the vicinity of
Himgiri Zee University. The irony for this community radio station (CRS) is
that it has received the nod from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
(MIB) but has failed to receive the WPC license till date. The wait for the
license have been more than six-seven months now. “We are waiting for the
license of WPC for past six-seven months as it stops us from airing our
station. Actually, there is a frequency clash with another frequency at
90.8 so the WPC has to look into it. We got GOPA license as well,” says
Himgiri Ki Awaaz station director Amardeep Singh.

Singh adds, “We started the station for students in our campus but we
thought we can make it for villagers with our content and programming so we
have planned our programming accordingly.”

With all the studio set-up ready and programming planned they are all set
to go on-air but will have to free themselves from the biggest hurdle of
permissions. “Basically, we have decided 40-30 per cent of our programming
as interviews; 30-20 per cent as education with major focus to youth
related counseling; 10 per cent will be women-based topic like cooking and
daily activity; and rest will be on Naturopathy and Bollywood music to give
it a commercial touch,” Singh informs.

Currently, they have on board two faculties from the mass communication
department who are helping in planning the content for the station;
meanwhile they plan to get on board more volunteers especially students
from the media department once the station goes on-air.
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