[cr-india] "Community Radio 'Himgiri Ki Awaaz' still awaits WPC license"

Vickram Crishna v1clist at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jun 21 05:07:25 CDT 2013

For heaven's sake, we are a community of self-help oriented people. What prevents us from mapping the approximate reach of current users of FM transmission frequencies? Any smartphone with FM reception can also be used as a GPS, enabling the user to discover roughly where (map coordinates) the reception peters out. If enough people are motivated to do this, we will have a usable frequency map within a reasonable amount of time, which is something the WPC has not done since the year dot and won't do for ever, until they are kicked in the butt by public shame. 

I'm copying Sajan here because my network is behaving a bit oddly, and many mails are bouncing.

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