[cr-india] Community Radio could have helped thousands in Uttarakhand

ram bhat ram at maraa.in
Fri Jun 21 08:44:16 CDT 2013

Community Radio can help those stranded even now.
If only the govt is willing to give us a temporary license,
i'm sure we can mobilise a few people from CRF to go there, do a temporary
set up
and broadcast relief information, counseling, etc.
We were not allowed to help at the time of Kosi floods, so i'm not very
optimistic now either
Sajan - Would it be worth applying now?


On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 4:05 PM, sajan venniyoor <venniyoor at gmail.com>wrote:

> Timely weather alerts could have saved thousands<http://www.hindustantimes.com/India-news/NorthIndiaRainFury2013/Timely-weather-alerts-could-have-saved-thousands/Article1-1079852.aspx>
> Neha Pant, Hindustan Times  Dehradun, June 21, 2013
> *Presence of an effective communication dissemination system would have
> lessened the magnitude of the disaster caused in Uttarakhand.*
> The Meteorological Centre, Dehradun had alerted various departments of the
> state government about the possibility of heavy rains and landslides in the
> state, 48 hours prior to the intervening night of June 16 and 17 that
> brought widespread damage. However, it now emerges the alert failed to
> percolate down to the masses at large, worsening the magnitude of the
> damage, especially in the Char Dham Yatra route.
> "The intensity of the devastation could have been much lesser had there
> been an effective communication system in place to disseminate our weather
> alert to the masses. A strong network of community FM radios would have
> played a radical role in alerting the locals as well as the
> tourists/pilgrims," Anand Sharma, head of meteorological center, Dehradun,
> told Hindustan Times on Thursday.
> Uttarakhand faced the worst hit of rains from the night of June 16 and
> major damages were caused on June 17 in the hills. The Met Center had
> issued alerts to various governmental departments two days in advance.
> Sharma said that establishing an all-weather communication system was the
> need of the hour. Currently, only three community radios are reportedly
> functional in Uttarakhand.
> "Setting up of a large number of community FM radios can avert such a
> disaster in future. Also, distribution of low-cost and low-maintenance
> technologies like tone alert hand-winding radios especially in the rural
> areas, will ensure that weather alerts reach to the public in time,
> averting such disasters," he concluded.
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