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Is there a way we can find out the current status? And also if we can mobilize some assistance to send across?


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Just as an update: we spoke to Manvendra on Thursday, and while he confirmed that things in Bhanaj were okay, he noted that they were completely cut off. If the situation doesn't change for a week, there are likely to be food shortages. 
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Yes read this story. Manvendra has been unreachable for the last 3 days. 
sajan venniyoor <venniyoor at gmail.com> wrote:
Many of you will remember CR activist and Forum member, Saritha Thomas, who gave up all kinds of interesting radio jobs in the UK to work in the other UK (Uttarakhand). I read in the press yesterday that she was stranded in Prithviraj Nagar, a small hamlet near Uchadungi Post, about 70 kms from Kedarnath. Saritha's People's POWER Collective is active there, working with Mandakini ki Awaz, one of the older CR groups in Uttarakhand. (Manvendra Negi of Mandakini is still waiting for his Wireless License). 

In the midst of their travails, Saritha and her team found the time and grace to write about their host, Manvendra and other "little known heroes of Uttarakhand". 

Good luck to you, Saritha, Manvendra, Shweta and Anmol. 

warm regards,

Community radio promoter stranded
Express News Service | 21st June 2013

When Saritha, a resident of Bangalore, moved to Prithvirajnagar, a small hamlet near Uchadungi Post at Uttarakhand on June 1, she went there with dreams to set up a community radio station. But now, she, like many others, is  stranded due to flash floods and hoping that the situation would improve in the next few days.

Saritha Thomas, a  resident of Cox Town, had recently relocated to Prithvirajnagar. She had worked in various radio stations including BBC World Service Radio.

“I want to set up community radio stations at remote villages in India where villagers can get to hear programmes in  their own language. That’s when, People’s P.OW.E.R (Participatory OWnership Empowerment Radio) was born.” The station is yet to go on air.

They chose the first project at Prithvirajnagar, which around 70 km from Kedarnath.

Sarita said, “For the past four days, we are living without power, water, signal and no internet connection. We were literally stranded. But things seemed to be better since Wednesday night.

We were able to get power and thus charge our phones.”

“We have come here to set up community radio station which can reach some 15 km radius. I am here to train villagers to run it on their own. We will not step back. We are just hoping that situation will improve and we will meet our target,” Sarita said.
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