[cr-india] CEMA-UNESCO Chair Workshop for Training Peers to use CR-CIT for Self-Assessment by CR stations

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Tue Aug 12 05:17:24 CDT 2014

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The UNESCO Chair on Community Media, with support from Commonwealth
Educational Media Centre for Asia
New Delhi, will conduct *two workshops* towards building the capacities of
Peers for self-assessment using the Community Radio-Continuous Improvement
Toolkit <http://uccommedia.in/cr-continuous-improvement-toolkit/> (CR-CIT).
The toolkit, which is already in the public domain, has been designed to
assist Community Radio stations in undertaking periodic self-assessment of
performance and take necessary steps to strengthen individual radio
stations, the personnel working with them, and the sector as a whole. The
toolkit was field-tested in India and Bangladesh and a revised version is
now available in English and Hindi.

The training workshops will be held for *15 peers each*, with the following

   - Enable CR Stations to make best use of CR-CIT
   - Promote a culture of co-learning within the CR community
   - Facilitate understanding of the self-assessment and peer review
   process of CR-CIT
   - Inculcate appreciation of the core principles of CR as enshrined in
   the nine parameters of CR-CIT
   - To develop a cadre of peer reviewers with appropriate skills to
   facilitate administration of CR-CIT

The training will also include a session about the *Community of Practice
(CoP)* forum developed by the UNESCO Chair and how participants could
effectively use it as an interactive hub for discussions around the CR-CIT
and peer reviews.

*The first workshop is scheduled for October 8-10, 2014.*  A *maximum of 15
seats* are available for the workshop.
The *deadline* to apply online is *August 22, 2014*.


   - *Must have completed at least 20 years of age.*
   - *Should be personnel working in a CR station that is in operation for
   three or more years.*
   - *Must be involved in the day-to-day functioning of the radio station.*
   - *Should be personnel with experience of working for the station for
   three or more years.*
   - *Must produce a letter of support from the station (or
   NGO/institution) that if selected, s/he will be allowed to be a Peer for
   other stations.*
   - *Have working knowledge of Hindi/English.*
   - *Must commit to actively participate on the CoP forum.*
   - *Women and those belonging to marginalized sections are especially
   encouraged to apply.*
   - *Agree to be listed as a Peer Reviewer on CEMCA & UNESCO Chair

 *The Chair will:*

   - *Reimburse II Class AC train fare and local transportation*
   - *Provide shared accommodation and boarding*
   - *A per diem of INR 1000 for the workshop duration*

*Participants who successfully complete the training will be awarded a
certificate. **They will also be recognized as Peers who can be involved in
self-assessment carried out by other CR stations.*

Click here to apply
the first workshop between *October 8-10, 2014.*

*Deadline* to apply is *August 22, 2014*.

Dr. Vinod Pavarala
Professor of Communication &
UNESCO Chair on Community Media
Sarojini Naidu School of Arts & Communication
University of Hyderabad
Gachibowli, Hyderabad 500046
Phone: +91-40-23135501/23011553
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