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shivam zest_india at yahoo.co.in
Thu Jul 1 20:01:41 IST 2004

The Principal / Director,
International School of Business & Media


We are an NGO working to eliminate ragging from
educational institutions. Details of our work can be
had from http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anti-ragging .

After an article on our activities appeared in the
Pune edition of the Indian Express, also available at
, we received a complaint of severe, brutal ragging of
MBA-I students by their seniors. The complaint also
alleged that Institute authorities
are not taking adequate measures to stop ragging,
leave alone punish the guilty.

We urge you to fulfil your duties as head of the
International School of Business & Media. You are
obliged to prevent ragging at your institution by a
Maharashtra state law as well as a Supreme Court
2001 verdict.

A copy of the Supreme Court verdict is available at

The judgement reads: "Failure to prevent ragging shall
be construed as an act of negligence in maintaining
discipline in the institution on the part of the
management, the principal and the persons in
authority of the institution. Similar responsibility
shall be liable to be fixed on hostel

It also says: "If an institution fails to curb
ragging, the UGC/Funding Agency may consider stoppage
of financial assistance to such an Institution till
such time as it achieves the same. An University may
consider disaffiliating a college or institution
failing to curb ragging.

And excerpts from the Maharastra anti-ragging laws are
available at:

The Maharashtra law, passed in 1999, says: "If the
head of the educational institution fails or neglects
to take action in the manner specified in section 6
when a complaint of ragging is made, such person shall
be deemed to have abetted the offence of ragging
and shall, on conviction, be punished as provided for
in section 4.

We request you to please look into the matter and see
that ragging does not take place in your college or

Looking forward to your co-operation.

Thanks and regards,
Sachin Agarwal
30 June 2004

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