[Reader-list] copyright for fonts?

Shivam Vij shivamvij at gmail.com
Mon Jul 5 13:58:21 IST 2004

Can "Fonts" be Copyrighted?

Of late there has been a discussion on the web on copyright of the 
fonts of "Kannada" which is a language used by over 50 million 
persons in India and officially recognized by the constitution of 

While thinking on this issue, it is necessary for the community to 
consider if at all it is correct for copyright to be recognized 
for "Fonts".

"Font" is a written expression of a language or the alphabets of a 
language. ...Any copyright claim on the "Font" indirectly claims 
the "Copyright" on the language itself.

I wish that Netizen right activists take up this issue in the 
appropriate forum and fight for the "Free Licensing" of 
Fonts...Alternatively, the Government .. should legislate 
that "Fonts" should be subject matter of "Compulsory Free Licensing".

(Detailed article is available here: 

I invite the views of the members to reproduce them at www.naavi.org



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