[Reader-list] ragging

Michiel Baas M.Baas2 at uva.nl
Mon Jul 5 15:08:14 IST 2004

Dear Shivam,

Sorry for my late reply. I think many of your questions have already been answered by Pauline.

"On the net i read similarly about hazing in the US, so is this practice in the Netherlands called ragging or hazing, or is some other term employed?" 

In Dutch it would be "ontgroenen" which would broadly translate as "de-greening"- as in the juniors are green (as grass) and the seniors will try to do something about this. 

Of course you can extract my part about ragging in the Netherlands for your Dossier. A friend of mine is doing research on ragging in the Russian army at the moment. I wish I could update you on what he has found so far but he is hard to reach and at the moment right in the middle of his fieldwork. But when he returns I will ask him to mail you about his experiences there. 

Kind regards,

Michiel Baas

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