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** Worldwide Call for Submissions **

LEA Special Issue: New Media Poetry and Poetics
Guest Editor: Tim Peterson (newmedia at astn.net)

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is inviting papers and
artworks that deal with New Media Poetry and Poetics. This category includes
multimedia digital works (image/text/sound) as examined through the lens of
"writing," specifically any of those concerns central to avant-garde poetry
rather than narrative or prose: reader as active participant in the
"ergodic" sense, the use of chance or automatism inherited from movements
such as Oulipo (highlighting the literalized metaphor which automatism
becomes here), and the complex relations between the author, reader, and
computer-as-writer/reader which evolve from that interaction. Any work that
foregrounds the medium as such (for example, web poetry that incorporates
code) is also welcome. We would particularly like to emphasize the "poetics"
of new media writing as well, that is, the point where aesthetics intersects
with politics to create dynamic attempts at social change.

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers / students to
submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly encourage authors
outside North America and Europe to send proposals for
articles/gallery/artists statements.

Proposals should include:
-       300 word abstract / synopsis
-       A brief author biography
-       Any related URLs
-       Contact details

Deadline for proposals: 15 Aug 2004

Please send proposals or queries to:
Tim Peterson 
newmedia at astn.net


Nisar Keshvani 
LEA Editor-in-Chief
lea at mitpress.mit.edu


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