[Reader-list] Death threat to Bangladeshi woman scholar

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Ämne: Re. ... More death threat issued by a shadowy Bangla Islamist Group 


Sometime back, Farida Majid's well researced article about hijab, with
Qur'anic reference titled "Fashioning Lies, Veiling the Truth" was
circulated on this and some other forums. Also, subsequently, its
abridged version was published in the Daily Times, Lahore. It was
generally well received for the scholarly research and references that
had gone into her work on this subject. She has forwarded to me the
following note with an attached comment she has received from one
"Jami". You can read and make up your mind for yourselves.


Subj: RE: [FutureOfBangladesh] Daily Star: More death threat issued by
a shadowy Bangla Islamist Group
Date: 7/11/2004 8:00:17 PM Eastern Standard Time 

From: farida_majid at hotmail.com 
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What audacity! Guess who are laughing at the Islamic antics of the
[Bangla] Deshi people? The Pakistani progressive journalists and

I'm leaving tomorrow for [Bangla]Desh. Though I'm fearless in speaking
the truth, in this lawless atmophere I must say that I'm a little
fearful. Take a look at the mail I received:

Comment from (prob) a Bangladeshi forum:

It is unfortunate that women that have zero knowledge about Islam
should talk about Islam. You are actually from the people of Jahiliya.
Getting a Ph.D. doesn't give you the right to make comments about
Islam. Why is it that Muslims from foreign lands have such a hatred
for Islam and Muslims when they come to Kafir lands? Maybe their true
faces are revealed.
But since you have made comments against the Quran and Islam, your
words are now a permanent part of your history. It is exactly people
like you that Muslims must first censure. Neither should you be
allowed to represent Muslims, nor should you claim to be a
representative of Muslim women.
You are the kind of person that is the greatest threat to Islam, since
you obviously have a deadly hatred of Islam and Muslims. You are the
greatest supporter of the non-Muslims since, like the Jews at the
Prophet's (SAW) time, you are claiming to be a supporter of Islam but
actually are trying to destroy Muslims from the inside.
I hope you get divine guidance from Allah, but even if you do, in the
next Khilafah, you will be censured.
            [Nota Bene: read 'KILLED" wherever it says "censure"]


From: farida_majid at hotmail.com 
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       People must make a note of the style of language used by the
'Jihadists'. It is the formulaic language of the ideology preached and
horrendously practiced by Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi. It is what the Saudi
funded Wahhabism is spreading worldwide. The victims of ethnic
cleansing by the Wahhabi Arabs in Darfur, Sudan are Muslims.

      First kill the so-called Muslims, who are 'pretending' to be
Muslims. Then kill the followers of other faiths.

      It would be a mistake to think that this language is generic to
all types of Islamic fundamentalists. Let us learn to make some
distinctions here. And we better learn fast!

     -- Farida

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