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> Available Now!
> *
> #3 issue of The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest
> *
> www.journalofaestheticsandprotest.org
> Available in paperback,
>  215 pages of radicality.
> Contact us at contact(at)journalofaestheticsandprotest.org to buy a copy
> Also available at:
> 331/3 in LA and soon at others stores including Quimby's in Chicago,
Bluestockings in New York, ProQM in Berlin and Appeniks in Copenhagan. Or
you can order a copy through AK Press.
> The whole issue is also available online for free (with special web-only
> content) at www.journalofaestheticsandprotest.org.
> Join us at 33 1/3 bookstore Saturday July 17, 4:30PM (1200 North Alvarado
Street in Echo Park) to celebrate the release of the issue before we tumble
next door to Machine Project for "Untitled War~.
> ....................................
> A journal for critical culture and active creativity.
> Marginalization (at times still an interesting tactic) is a concept
> left-over from a less integrated society. When we call ourselves
> activists, artists, cultural workers, journalists; wherever and however
> we place ourselves in the culture spectrum- we announce an intention
> to change the world. We need to act in ways that meet this challenge by
> seriously relating to one another as teammates, not as competitors
> standing for our own unique m├ętier, practice, tactic, subculture or
> issue. We need to internalize a human resource manager within our
> head and deal with teammates as equal yet distinct collaborators.
> From the person who scrawls an anti-corporate graffiti slogan on his
> school's coca-cola vending machine, to the curator of the Venice
> Biennale. When we act otherwise, we cease being relevant or effective.
> -From the forward for issue #3
> ....................................
> Table of Contents
> >Financial Manifesto- Colleen Hennesey
> >Dark Matter: Activist Art and the Counter-Public Sphere- Gregory Sholette
> >The Pink Bloque-Rachel Caidor and Dara Greenwald
> >United Net-Works- Sofie Sweger
> >The Manufacture of Dissent- Andrew Boyd and Stephen Duncombe
> >Deescalating SUV,s that Run Into Demonstrators- Jene Despain
> >Seance in the Dark Theater: Further Notes on the Death of Camp- Malik
> and Alex Segade
> >Playin, It Straight: Fighting to Turn NYC into a Patriot Act Free Zone-
> Benjamin Shepard
> >Office Ops in Williamsburg, NY is innovating its role as property
> Kevin Lindamood
> >180 Days- Aimee Chang
> >Emiliano Zapata: la memoria de la rebeldia- Victor Hugo Sanchez Resendez
> >Metaphysics, Protest and the Politics of Spectacular Failure- Colin
> >Uberlinda, The Cardboard and the Fire- Graciala Monteagudo
> >May Day- Felicia Luna Lemus
> >I Broadcast Therefore I Am: Radio Adventures in Indymedia Cancun- Kate
> >New Languages for New Practices in Argentina- Marina Sitrin and Emilio
> Sparato
> >Community Centering- Damon Rich
> >Contributions to a Resistant Visual Culture Glossary- Nato Thompson
> >Deserting the Culture Bunker- John Jordan
> >Hamburg Actions: A field Guide- Ava Bromberg and Brett Bloom
> >Deluding Language- Delusional Art: Crypto Political Aesthetics with Katie
> >Grinnan- Robby Herbst
> >Flash! Like Gossip!- Marc Herbst
> Art Project contributions by;
> >Jane Tsong, Robert Powers
> >Matias Viegener, David Burns, Austin Young,
> >Pocho Research Society,
> >Jennifer Murphy, Stream Spirit Rising
> Web only Content;
> >General Introduction to Collectivity in Modern Art- Alan Moore
> >Aesthetic and Political Avant-Gardes- George Katsiaficas
> >CIRCA:  The Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army- Larry M Bogad
> ....................................
> The Journal of Aesthetics and Protest is a Los Angeles (USA) based
> The Los Angeles Editorial Collective includes:
> -Cara Baldwin, Marc Herbst, Robby Herbst, Lize Mogel, Christina Ulke,
>  Varella.
> Corresponding editors are Pod (SF), Trevor Paglen (SF), Daniel Tucker
(Chicago), Emily Forman(Chicago), Greg Berger (Cuernavaca),  Sara Lewison
(Nomadic), Redmond Entwistle (London).
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