[Reader-list] 5th Posting of Eco-Source Srishti project

Poonam Bir Kasturi pbkasturi at usermail.com
Sat Jul 17 22:05:09 IST 2004

What is waste?
Is the word junk, garbage, waste all the same?
Why do housewives feel that segregation is of no use?

We had done a round of questionnaires and we felt
that the process was not rigorous enough.
So our MR consultant advised a focus group.

So we took our questions and many more and conducted 
the group discussion. The focus group allowed 
housewives to share all and it was anchored by a
professional Market Research person who is helping
our project - Rasika Batra.

Our product idea of the Eco-source was given a
boost when they all said that they would use such
a source if it had area specific information and mapped
services and also had information on waste and 
sustainable choices.

Our composting unit for the home got willing testers.
They all agreed to test the prototypes in their homes
after they saw the initial prototypes. Their suggestions
and comments were again very pertinent.
They liked the idea of terracotta - but had a problem
with breakage. Many options for different kinds of
users was discussed and details like lid without having
to use hands and weight of the unit was deliberated on.

We had rigged up a camera to a TV in another room
so all the students heard the focus group discussion and
we now have a job to do before our presentation at
Sarai in August.

We are transcribing the proceedings and we will then
analyse the trasnscripts. 
I know we all are quite enthused by the discussion today
and look forward to the next phase of design.

Srishti Team on Eco-Source

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