[Reader-list] New Book: India Untouched: The Forgotten Face of Rural Poverty

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Release of New Book

India Untouched: The Forgotten Face of Rural Poverty

By Dr. Abraham George
EastWest Books (Madras) Pvt Ltd., Chennai
For more details visit www.indiauntouched.com

EastWest Books (Pvt) Ltd., Chennai, India, announces the release of
India Untouched: The Forgotten Face of Rural Poverty  by Dr. Abraham
George, a businessman-turned-philanthropist in New York who also runs
one of the largest private non-governmental organizations in India. 

The forward to the book is written by Mr. Ralph Nader, the legendary
environmentalist and consumer advocate, and a presidential candidate for
the 2004 U.S. elections. 

India Untouched is a work of major significance, dealing with the plight
of over 600 million people living in rural India, mostly untouched by
the economic revival currently taking place in major cities. It is also
a compelling account of one man’s struggle against a well-entrenched
system to overcome the hurdles faced by India’s poor.
This is what some of the prominent Indians and Americans have to say
about the book:
“Dr. Abraham M. George has written an important and moving story about
one of the world's most critical issues: the impact on poverty of
globalization of markets. His thoughtful, personal focus on rural India
has resonance for other similar situations throughout the developing
world. If the scourge of poverty is to be remedied, it must first be
understood and looked at frankly, with both compassion and
sophistication. This book accomplishes that task.”
Alex S. Jones, Director 
Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy 
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. 
“A moving story through self-discovery about bringing differences in the
lives of millions residing in rural India through institutions built on
the pillars of commitment, integrity, honesty and perseverance. Through
his sensitivity and an eye for detailing, the Author reminds the reader
about the “unfinished agenda” in the largest democracy even after more
than five decades of independence and more than one decade of
Verghese Kurien, Founder, National Dairy Development Board, and 
Father of the “White Revolution” in India
Anand, Gujarat. 
An exceptional story, because it captures – lucidly and honestly – the
life, travails and triumphs of an exceptional man. Combining the focus
of a former artillery-man with the drive of an entrepreneur and the soul
of a philanthropist, Abraham George takes us on a voyage that is as much
self-discovery as it is a feast for the intellect. His prognosis is
informed and dispassionate, his conclusions inescapable. This is a story
that must be read both by those who love India, and by those who wish to
understand the country.
Ravindra Kumar, Editor and Managing Director 
The Statesman, Kolkata.
"A wake up call that India cannot expect to be stable and peaceful if
its huge rural population remains impoverished while its urban elite
benefits from the economic reforms of the past decade. One can only hope
that the powerful exposure and sensible prescriptions of this book will
achieve the needed impact.”
James F. Hoge, Jr., Editor, Foreign Affairs 
Council of Foreign Affairs, New York.
“India Untouched is an expression of love and courage, illuminated with
deeply moving examples and human micro details of rural life that give
force and color to a stinging macro critique. George has put his money
and his morals where his mouth is, offering tested solutions that are
persuasive in their reasoning. A great book of conviction.”
David Anable, President 
International Center for Journalists, Washington, D.C.
“An astounding work of great practical significance. Hopefully it will
stimulate a fresh dialogue among those who impact public policy in
H.S. Balram, Editor, The Times of India, Bangalore.
About the Author
Abraham George was a business entrepreneur in the United States of
America for over 25 years before he embarked on a number of humanitarian
projects in South India. A former artillery officer in the Indian army,
he went on to receive a Ph.D. in business administration from New York
University and authored three books in international finance. His
business career included heading a software company he founded, serving
as a managing director at a major global investment bank and as a
vice-chairman of a New York Stock Exchange-traded firm, and consulting
for over 100 of the Fortune 500 U.S. companies. Today, he shuttles
between Bangalore and New Jersey several times in a year, and spends
much of his time directing the activities of The George Foundation in
India. For more information about his philanthropic work, visit
For further information, please visit www.indiauntouched.com. India
Untouched is available through major book stores and on-line book
sellers in India.
EastWest Books (Madras) Pvt Ltd
Westland Books Pvt Ltd
#571 Poonamallee High Road, Aminjikarai, Chennai 600 029
Tel: 2660 2003/1898; Fax: 2660 1974; email: ewb at touchtelindia.net

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