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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
The most important problem for travellers to Iran! 
Iran is an ancient country with dosens of tourist attractions and
monuments and buildings as old as thousands of years. But whay exactly
iran is not as famous as it should be among western tourists? there
are two major reasons: one is an unreasnable fear from iranian people
common among westerners and specially americans. they think all
iranians are terrorist and antiweserners. This sentiment is totally
wrong! although iranian government is the most important sponsor of
alqaeda and global terrorism and the biggest enemy state of USA, But
this doesn't mean people are the same way. never foprget that Iran's
government is a dictatorshiop and desires of a dictatorship government
has nothing to do with the desires of it's people. In fact, as someone
who live in Iran and have seen and talked to several muslems from
other countries, i believe in no other muslem country people are more
fond of america than iran. don't believe what you see on tv and people
rallying and crying anti USA slogans! those are a very small minority.
a charecteristic of iranian nation is that it always creates
dictatorship regimes and then defies them. whatever the dictatorship
government tells people as the truth, will be regarded by the
majority(specially youngsters) as the ultimate lie! so if you are
american and you travel to Iran, you are much more likely to be warmly
wellcomed by the poeople, except the ones you meet are of rare fscist
minorities like Basij and Ansaar. Don't believe? ask the american
athletes who have travelled to iran in recent years as Wresteling and
Basketball teems!
but yet there is another aspect of Iran's tourism industry that really
tends to deter all nonmuslems from travelling to this country and that
is the rool of Hijab! according to this oldfashioned islamic
rool(which is not obayed by many modern muslems) women should were
wide dresses covering all their bodies, even in the hottest seasons of
the year, and worst than that, they have to cover their hair with some
stupid thing called the scarf! so if you are of the gentle sex and
want to travel to the ancient country of iran, you have to tolerate
the heat of wether and are not allowed to even oncover your hair! so
much for legs and arms! even men are not totally free with their
clothing. you are not allowed to walk around with shorts or shirts
with sleeves that are sorter than a certain limit! so the big problem
for a summer time trip to Iran is comfort of clothing which yet
remains unsolved!

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What do you know about the worlds most controversial country, Iran?

What is Iran in your mind?

The biggest  sponsor of terrorism?

A nation of Islamic fundamentalism?

 A source of hatred of western values like liberalism and democracy?

Honorable ancient history but nothing to be proud of at the present time?

Country of belittled, hidden, miserable women?

An anti-Semitic and especially anti-Jewish state?

A member of the axis of evil and next target of the liberating US lead

A dictatorship government threatening all the civilized world with it's WMD?

Country of the sex-hating youth?

None of the above is descriptive and accurate about Iran. 

Visit persianliberals.tk to learn the reality about the most
controversial nation of the middle east. We bring you the most
reliable news from inside of Iran! we have different writers from
different parts of Iran providing you with information about
political, cultural, economical, artistic, feministic, religious,
sexual etc. aspects of Iran! you just need to submit your questions
about Iran and their answer will be posted on the blog within 48
hours! You can as well  write your own opinions to be visible for the
world in the comments section! Unlike many other middle easterns, we
are not Anti Americans! Visit us to find out why and also find out the
answer of many other questions you might have about both Iran and

We have started this weblog to show you the true face of Iran.

In this blog, a few of Irtanian Youngsters who believe in some western
values like liberalism and democracy, try to show the true face of
Iran to the world, from inside of it and the way it really is. We wish
to become Salam Cox of Iran, but we are not critic of American's
invasion to Iraq and Afghanistan, but in favour of it!


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