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LEA Gallery cfp: Global Crossings (GX)

** Worldwide Call for Submissions **

Please feel free to spread the word widely:

LEA Gallery Special: Global Crossings (GX)
Guest Curators: Dennis Summers and Choy Kok Kee (gxgallery at astn.net)

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac Gallery
(http://mitpress2.mit.edu/e-journals/LEA/LEA2004/gallery.htm) is inviting
submissions in conjunction with the Leonardo Global Crossings Initiative.
The Gallery is looking to make visible the work of international artists,
professionals and scholars who live and work in a wide variety of situations
where access to established venues for exhibition, display and publication
is limited. Difficulty of access may be attributed to cultural, geographic,
ethnic, institutional or disciplinary diversity, or issues related to the
North/South divide, age, gender, etc. Through this Gallery we seek to
showcase little-known work in the art-science-technology field and to
counter the 
natural tendency of networks to be inward looking, thus reinforcing
established points of view.

We are looking for work that considers the global earth in some fashion or
another. It can be work that addresses global social, political economic,
spiritual, etc. issues. It can be work that physically or metaphorically
lies in multiple locations on the planet, it can be work that may have
personal relationships to multiple locations on the planet. Or anything else
that loosely falls along the concept of being "global" in nature.

LEA encourages international artists / academics / researchers / students to
submit their proposals for consideration. We particularly encourage young
authors outside North America and Europe to send proposals.


Create a single web page, in any common format that either documents the
work or actually is the work. As long as it is only one page, the work can
take any form. Try to avoid pages that require special or unusual plugins.
Keep in mind that many parts of the world do not have high-speed Internet


Zip all necessary files into a folder named after the contributing artist.
Send as an attachment to gxgallery at astn.net or if necessary, provide ftp

In a separate attachment include:

- 300 word abstract / synopsis / description of work
- A brief author biography / resume
- Any related URLs
- Contact details

In the subject heading of the email message write ³Name of Artist: LEA
Global Crossings ­ Date Submitted².

Deadline for submissions: 31 August 2004

Please send proposals or queries to:
Dennis Summers/Choy Kok Kee
gxgallery at astn.net

Nisar Keshvani
LEA Editor-in-Chief
lea at mitpress.mit.edu


What is the Global Crossings (GX) Initiaitve?

This initiative is part of the Leonardo/International Society for the Arts,
Sciences and Technology (ISAST) Global Crossings (GX) Project. GX is
committed to identifying and showcasing the work of international artists,
professionals, and scholars from outside North America and Europe.
Leonardo/ISAST has initiated this policy to reach out to diverse cultural
and global communities to overcome the considerable natural barriers that
prevent trans-cultural collaboration in the emerging art-science-technology
field. This initiative is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, New York.
Leonardo/ISAST, a leading international scholarly and professional network,
has for 35 years been an advocate of new creative practices, documenting and
promoting innovative work through its publications and projects. Info:

What is LEA?

Established in 1993, the Leonardo Electronic Almanac (ISSN No: 1071-4391) is
the electronic arm of the pioneer art journal, Leonardo - Journal of Art,
Science & Technology.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA), jointly produced by Leonardo, the
International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology (ISAST) and
published under the auspices of MIT Press is an electronic journal dedicated
to providing a forum for those who are interested in the realm where art,
science and technology converge. Info: http://lea.mit.edu


This peer reviewed e-journal includes profiles of media arts facilities and
projects, profiles of artists using new media, feature articles comprised of
theoretical and technical perspectives; the LEA Gallery exhibiting new media
artwork by international artists; detailed information about new
publications in various media; and reviews of publications, events and
exhibitions. Material is contributed by artists, scientists, educators and
developers of new technological resources in the media arts.


LEA's mission is to maintain and consolidate its position as a leading
online news and trusted information filter while critically examining
arts/science & technological works catering to the international CAST
(Community of Artists, Scientist and Technologists)


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