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Mon Jul 26 20:53:47 IST 2004

Dear Moderator,
I would be obliged if you could please post the following message on the reader list.

Aman Malik
Dear All, 
I am a freelance journalist based in New Delhi, India and am currently engaged in doing an article on the parallel lives that individuals lead on and off the net. As you would understand, this study would also deal with crime on the internet and aspects of Internet Psychology.
I  am chiefly studying individuals who spend a considerable amount of time online- mainly doing things that bear very little or no direct relation to their professional lives- activities like online chat, online activism, blogging and in some cases even hacking to mention just a few. 
Further, I understand quite a few subscribers to this group are either aware of or deal with issues related to the Internet at a professional level ( in the capacity of psychologists,  experts on Cyber Law, Internet analysts and the like)

I wish to interview all such people

Would it also be possible for you to make avalable to me any data, articles etc you might have on this topic or issues closely related to this.

Those interested in being a part of my study may get back to me on the following adress: amanmalik000 at hotmail.com
 Warm Regards,
Aman Malik
New Delhi
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