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Thu Jul 29 22:03:47 IST 2004

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  Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 11:17:23 +0530
  From: "consumerhelp" <consumerhelp at sify.com>
Subject: Srushti Finance

Rajesh Jaiswal of Srushti Finance had absconded after committing fraud
of many crores and duping lakhs of people of their hard earned money.

He was declared as proclaimed offender and he was traced by
International Consumer Rights Protection Council (ICRPC) at Lucknow.
When the Mumbai police did not co-operate to bring him from Lucknow,
ICRPC took help from UP police with political pressure, and got him
arrested. Rajesh Jaiswal was then handed over to the Mumbai police.
Case is going on in the Sessions court where he again applied for
bail. His bail application was cancelled as he had jumped the previous
bail. Now, he has applied for bail in the High court.

We are looking for voluntary services of a lawyer who can handle the
case in the high court. Please contact us on 9819598004.

If any one has been cheated by Rajesh Jaiswal of Srushti Finance may
contact us to get his name included in the list of grieved investors.

We are very unsatisfied by the way the Sessions Court is handling the
issue since past 5 years. Many judges have changes and all talk about
subjects that have nothing to do with the case. The public prosecutor
is a silent spectator, who does not take any effort to understand the
facts of the case and defend the investors.

- Arun

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