[Reader-list] Monthly Posting -- Final

raghavan at servelots.com raghavan at servelots.com
Sat Jul 31 11:07:43 IST 2004

Hello all,
     This is our final monthly posting for the project titled
"Multi-lingual support for web applications using server side Java". A
collaborative work of Surekha Sastry and K. Srinivasa Raghavan.


-    Multi-lingual support for web applications using server side Java
-       As mentioned by Sayamindu in his abstract, a number of regional
teams have been springing up to localize computer software and interfaces
in their native language. Localizing a software application requires a lot
of effort in finding resources related to Indic which could be a font, IME,
etc., We came up with the idea of building a Indic community (Indicart)
"http://mail.sarai.net:8080/indic" which is a centralized repository of
Indic resources.

"Indicart" (A cart carrying Indic resources from which one can access a
resource or add a resource to it) is an Open community for developers,
research scientists and end-users. Any visitor to this community can access
the resources available. But a registered user can participate in creating
his/her own project space and do the following at Indicart

    -- Find Indic resources (E.g. Applications/IME/fonts/articles).

    -- Maintain a project page for his/her project.

    -- Create and participate in discussion spaces on Indic computing.

    -- Volunteer for or find volunteers for an Indic project.

    -- Find or announce an Indic project.

    -- Participate in maintaining and editing contributions.

    -- Post multi-lingual content.

It is expected that this community will evolve over time to be
representative of Indic activities and needs.

Suggestions or ideas are welcome for a better logo for this community.

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