[Reader-list] Use Jihadis to resolve Kashmir issue & Jihad against USA, says Pak Govt., officia

Kshmendra Kaul kshmendra2005 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 11 19:30:05 IST 2007

  Allow me a few observations.
  1. Iqbal was not a Kashmiri Pandit. His ancestors were Kashmiri Pandits. Iqbal was a Muslim.
  2. Your mentioning the Kashmiri Pandit connection only serves as a reminder that a once Kashmiri Pandit majority region in just a few hundred years became a Muslim majority area and along with it the reminder brings the history of how the switchover took place.  This is not the time and place to go into it.  It is a painful reminder. Calling Iqbal a Kashmiri Pandit is an abuse of Kashmiri Pandit sensitivities about a unique ethnicity which is on the verge of extinction.
  3.  "Saaray Jahaan say achhaa...." is one of the National Songs of India. It is amusing that it recognised as being so with Indians not realising the full import of this "Taraana e Hind".
       "Taraana e Hind" celebrates and declares the Claim of Muslims on "Hind". It that respect it is not very much different from Iqbal's "Taraana e Milli". It does not address all the people of "Hind". It is meant only for "Muslims".
  4. Before ill-informed hackles become antennae tuning into presumed suspicious and prejudiced intent, let me explain. 
     After celebrating the glory of "Hindustaan" in the first few couplets, Iqbal reveals his mind in:
    ai aab-e-ruud-e-gangaa vo din hai yaad tujh ko
utaraa tere kinaare jab kaaravaa.N hamaaraa
  Iqbal asks River Ganga to recollect the time when "hamaara kaarvaan" descended on it's banks. The "haamaara' is the Muslim collective, the "Ummah" in the form of advent of Islam. The indigenous faith people were always resident on the banks of Ganga. 
       Similarly, lack of knowledge about Islamic terminology has led to a spin quite different from the inherent meaning in:
    mazhab nahii.n sikhaataa aapas me.n bair rakhanaa
hindii hai.n ham vatan hai hindustaa.N hamaaraa
  "Mazhab" does not refer to "Religions" of Hindustaan being asked to not harbour enmity against each other. "Mazhab" (variant of Maddhab in Arabic) is a specific term used in Islam for "sects". The religion of Islam by itself is called "Deen". "Sunni" and "Shia" would be "Mazhabs". The couplet addresses itself to Muslims belonging to various sects in Islam
  Yasir, your well intentioned messages addressed to Rashneek also merit comment but I will not inflict too much on you.
  In my opinion your grossly underestimate both the strength of the J-Lobby in Pakistan and the pervasiveness of the J-Sentiment amongst the masses of Pakistan. The "askari" (armed) J-Sentiment is directed against both people of other "Deen" (Religions) and followers of differing "maddhabs" (sects within Islam)
  I personally monitor only 3 Pakistani TV Channels  and Internet editions of 3 Pakistani English Newspapers.  The picture that emerges is quite quite different from your all too optimistic scenarios. It is likely to be more horrifying with greater exposure to Pakistani Media, especially the "indigenous languages" newspapers.
  Yasir, it is simplistically believed that the "hate others" attitude in Pakistan is nurtured and propagated only by the "Madrassas". The "hate" indoctrination of young Pakistani minds is an automatic product of the syllabi in Govt. Schools. In is in those schools that the overwhelmingly overwhelming majority of Pakistani children school.
  If this interests you, please do get in touch with "Sustainable Development Policy Institute - Islamabad" ( http://www.sdpi.org/ )  The Institute's A M Nayyar and Ahmed Salim have done some good work in researching Pakistani textbooks in Social Studies, English, Urdu and Civic Studies. 
  About the "true face" of Musharraf, the less said the better. Only the Govt. of India seems to be the one that believes his "sincerity" in "normalising" relations between the India and Pakistan.
  Kshmendra Kaul 
yasir ~ <yasir.media at gmail.com> wrote:
in his most stressed out defensive interview on tv in March? (he had
confined and attemped to fire the SC chief justice, and he was being
told by the US that he was under-performing) when asked what he
predicted for the future, he said the confrontation between liberal
and extreme elements was most crucial. I find this very agreeable as a

you know iqbal was a kashmiri pandit :: Saray jahaan say achha .... :)

On 8/10/07, rashneek kher wrote:

> By the way great rhetoricians of past came from Kashmir ,there name callers
> came from where...i wouldnt know...
> R
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