[Reader-list] Successfull RIK screening in IIMC

Aditya Raj Kaul adityarajkaul at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 00:54:05 IST 2007

A screening of our presentations,video's and interview of the terrorist
Bitta Karate was conducted at the Indian Institue of Mass Communication in
New Delhi. An audience of 50 mass communication masters students gathered
with much interest to see the woes and plight of this displaced community.
We thank Mr. Sunil Bhat, a student of prestigious IIMC who through his
tireless efforts conducted this screening single handedly.

In words of Sunil; he sums the entire event as follows: "After the screening
was over we (students) engaged in a disscussion on the plight of Kashmiri
Pandits. Everybody was moved by seeing the K.Ps. living as refugees in their
own country. Many of them raised their voices against Bitta Karate."

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