[Reader-list] Freedom of Expression my foot!

S.Fatima sadiafwahidi at yahoo.co.in
Mon Aug 27 16:47:15 IST 2007

Dear Kuber
Do you think one would be so ignorant so as to not
even have a cursory look at the history and mythology
of nationalism. The nationhood is there even in the
colonies of amoeba. Of course one is aware of these
historical references, although most of these
treatises are written for/by the ruling class, so we
never get to know what the ordinary people of the
world/India felt about their nation, or whether it was
necessary in those days to whip up the emotions or
create euphorias about one's nation, or was is
necessary to be patriotic those days to be an Indian. 

I was only responding to the present day version of
nationalism/patriotism which is based on a lot of gas.

The present day nationalism (and its version of
history) is not so old - it was certainly sowed in the
British period. And its flowering only now. I don't
want a nationalism which shows a foot to the freedom
of expression.

Using your own phrases such as "annexation" and the
"ambitions of a ruler" which no right thinking person
would like to endorse in today's politically correct
world, one can assume that a lot of assertion of
nationalism can lead to problems and conflicts. For
instance, the enforcement of a unified culture on
every citizen of a nation (in the name of
nationalism). Why is that Hindi is not acceptable to
Tamils as a national language? Because a centralized
nationlism is forcing it down their throat, and they
don't want it. I was simply referring to the
artificial/superficialities of nationalism which have
creeped into us now - and we need to rise above them.

(Alas, by being apologetic about my name you are
merely invoking a stereotype. How do I know whether a 
Nomad/wanderlustt/Kuber is a Parsi or a Swahili or an

--- Nomad <wanderlustt at rediffmail.com> wrote:

> Dear Sadia, 
> The concept of Nationhood was there since the time
> Men & Women learnt to live in communities, yes its
> premise has kept evolving over the time from forced
> annexation because of the ambitions of a ruler to
> today.
> I do not know what your area of specialization is,
> but even a cursory glance at Mythology and History
> books is enough to answer your poser.
> Ramayana and Mahabharta are replete with references
> to Kings and Kingdoms, the term used is Rashtra.
> Ashoka fought wars till he became a champion of
> peace. Cholas, Chalukyas, Pandyas, Santhavanas,
> Lodhis, Mughals. Wonder how come you have not heard
> of even one.
> Elsewhere Alexander traveled all the way to India
> annexing territories along the way. There was the
> Pax-Romana. 
> Considering the etymology of your name, I will
> refrain from referring to Darul Islam or Crusades,
> for you might label me a fascist which is not the
> case. 
> This was just an off the cuff reply, will get back
> with a better researched & politically correct reply
> shortly
> Cheers!!!
> Kuber
> On Mon, 27 Aug 2007 SFatima wrote :
> >Dear Rahul
> >I don't agree with you on this. Where has this
> concept
> >of Nation, Nationalism, Rashtra come from? Was it
> >there in our country 100 years ago, or 300 years,
> or
> >2000 years ago? Has it been mentioned in any
> Shastras?
> >I don't think so. It has been implanted into us by
> the
> >colonial rule. While we continue to reject so many
> >things as "foreign" we have happily accepted this
> >concept as it suits our ends. Why?
> >And what is constitution/legisilation? Is it a
> voice
> >of God? Is it embedded in our DNAs? Isn't that
> created
> >by some individuals (who we may or may not agree
> >with).
> >
> >I think its time we rise above the definition of
> the
> >Nation if we want to bring any real change. And a
> >civil war and bloodshed is not required for that.
> What
> >is required is the opening of hearts and minds.
> >
> >
> >
> >--- Rahul Asthana <rahul_capri at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >

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