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Iram Ghufran iram at sarai.net
Mon Feb 9 12:47:15 IST 2009

Dear all

After a diverse and enthusiastic response to Edition #1 of "Typos in the  Writing on the Wall", we at the Sarai Media Lab, are happy to announce  an open call for submissions to EDITION #2! "Typos in the Writing on the  Wall" is an online platform for experimenting and freestyling with media forms. Selections of works and submissions to Typos Editions # 1 & 2 , as well as subsequent editions, will be curated for exhibitions, local and travelling events, open mics and spontaneous collaborations.

This time, send us your TYPOS by March 5th, 2009!

To read the Call for Submissions, see - 

And send us your responses to the Sarai address.
Sarai Media Lab
Sarai CSDS
29 Rajpur Road
Delhi 110054 India

For submission guidelines, see - 

For any further queries write to typos [at] sarai.net.

Again, the last date for submissions to Edition #2 for "Typos in the 
Writing on the Wall" is March 5th 2009.

Keep checking this space for new and exciting work!

Looking forward
Iram (for typos forum)


Blobsquatch: Carl Diehl
FW: [Fwd: Suite de Notre Conversation]: Dalida Maria Benfield and Isa Massu
Songs of Innocence: Daniel Lercher
Claudia and Paul 5:05, 5:06, 5:07, 5:08 p.m: Henry Gwiazda
Hackney Girl: Ian Flitman
Jane: Ian Flitman
Kalanadi: Joppan G
Terrazzo: Laurel Beckman
Cambridge 1:15AM - New York City 5:39 AM: Lauren McCarthy
Emigrant: Osvaldo Cibilis
Muscular Movements: Osvaldo Cibilis
White’s Mill Pond, SC: Scott F Hall
Basi Khabar: Subuhi Jiwani
Slow Pictures: Theo Firmo
It's a human relations thing: Alana Hunt
A Picture of Two- wheelers in Delhi: Alana Hunt

You can view the works for Edition #1 here. See - 

Featured works will be shown in a curated Open Mic at Sarai at the end 
of three Editions.

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