[Reader-list] Waste Narratives in Bangalore on 1st, 4th & 5th April, 2016!

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Fri Mar 25 12:39:09 CDT 2016

Hasiru Dala invites you for Waste Narratives being organized at Indian
Institute for Human Settlements, Alternative Forum and Azim Premji
University (Dates and Timing Mentioned Below). Waste Narratives is an
evening comprising of public reading of the novel *Bicycle Dreaming* with
the author Mridula Koshy, Conversations with the recyclers Akmal Pasha,
Salma and Siddique, Mallika, Zareena, Kokila and Annamma and the premier of
the photo exhibition of *Daastan -e- Nayandahalli**: *Notes from the
Plastic Recycling Hub of Bangalore, by Pinky Chandran and Marwan Abubaker.

*About Waste Narratives: *

The idea of curating Waste Narratives is to rethink our understanding of
informal and informality. The event seeks to throw light on the role played
by informal waste workers in managing the waste of our cities, and
elucidate the issues of marginalisation.


The photo exhibition titled* Daastan-e-Nayandahall: *Notes from the Plastic
Recycling Hub of Bangalore, is an attempt to engage the general public with
recyclers of Nayandahalli and hopes to bring to fore issues of space, the
need for recognition of recyclers; present the changing landscape of the
area following recent constructions and erase the binary between waste and
resource*. *The year- long project, have chronicled over 2500 photographs
and this exhibition, showcases 49 select photographs to reveal the stories
from the plastic recycling hub of Bangalore. Photographs of life in
Nayandahalli have been taken by Pinky Chandran and Marwan Abubaker.

*Bicycle Dreaming*

The recently released novel, authored by Mridula Koshy, is a story that
revolves around a thirteen-year-old girl, Noor and her father, Mohammad
Saidullah, who loses his job of pedaling his bicycle door-to-door to
collect household discards.  He is then forced to join the ranks of those
waste pickers who work New Delhi’s landfills. Noor’s own dream of riding
a bicycle is complicated by her conflicted feelings about her father’s

*“Noor’s father was a kabadiwala. He rode his bicycle from his home as
early as seven thirty on some mornings… Change was important in Mohammad
Saidullah’s line of work. When he finished weighing the goods- stacks of
old newspaper, used up school notebooks, not a blank page left and the
covers fallen apart, glass bottles empty of ketchup and liquor, metal tins
sharp edged at the rim- and named what he was willing to pay to haul away
these discards, the householders all claim that they have no change. If he
quoted Rs 18- a fair price for a good sized load that would earn him at
least five rupees more when resold to recycling factory- they would pocket
his twenty and shake their heads ‘no’. They didn’t have two rupees change
for him.”, Excerpt from ‘Bicycle Dreaming’.*

*Conversation with Recyclers*

Meet *Akmal Pasha*, the leader of an informal organization of godown owners
in Nayandahalli; *Salma*, a volunteer of Hasiru Dala, waste sorter in the
godowns of Nayandahalli*; Siddique*, volunteer of Hasiru Dala, a tempo
driver, transporting waste from godowns to reprocessing units, *Zareena*,
Home-based waste sorter; *Annama, Operator Dry Waste Collection Center and
Kokila and Mallika, organic and event waste manager respectively*. (Salma
and Siddique also hold the unique distinction of being the country’s first
husband and wife informal waste-workers Radio Jockey).  They will be
narrating first person account of their work and how they transform waste
in resource. The conversation will be moderated by Nalini Shekar & Kabir.

*Join us for an evening of stories in different languages – English, Hindi,
Kannada. Translations will be done, as and when required.*

*First Evening*

Date: 1st April, 2016

Time: 06:00pm

Venue: Indian Institute for Human Settlements, 16th Cross, Sadashiv Nagar,

*Second Evening*

Date: 4th April, 2016

Time: 6:00pm

Venue: Alternative Law Forum, 122/4, Infantry Rd, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru,

*Third Afternoon*

Date: 5th April, 2016

Time: 2:30pm

Venue: Azim Premji University, PES Campus Pixel Park, B Block, Electronics
City, Hosur Road, Beside NICE Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka

You all are welcome! Please come and bring your friends, family members and
colleagues along. For more details, you can call: +919663427315, write to
us: kabir.postbox at gmail.com and visit our website: www.wastenarratives.com



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